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The Perfect Applicator for Detailing Tires!

Brush King, LLC has designed the Perfect Tire Dressing Applicator for Detailing Tires! Our Tire Shine Applicator eliminates all the problems you may have such as: over-spray on the wheels, driveway, paint and your hands. The replacement pad has a unique hook and loop design to hold the pad secure while allowing for easy replacement. 

The applicator has an ergonomically designed handle, which fits your hand comfortably, whether you’re detailing 4 or 400 tires.   Using the Tire Shine Applicator will give your tires that new appealing look. Brush King’s Tire Shine Applicator is an excellent solution to those messy hand-held sponges used for shining tires.

You will find our Tire Dressing Applicator product is a better alternative than any other product on the market.  Made in the USA.

Brush King Tire Shine Applicator